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General Studies Degree Overview

Listed below are colleges and universities that offer online degrees or certificates in liberal arts and the humanities and a detailed list of offered programs. Tuition, financial aid, course offerings, online classes are available by request. For information about campus-based schools, click on the ‘On Campus Degrees’ link above.

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Outlook for General Studies Careers

Flexible Humans Are Happy Humans

Due to the variety of options out there, humanities can hold a promising future or a shaky one. This will depend partly on the chosen field, partly on skills, and partly on luck. A talented writer might catch a break, or never see anything published. A gifted government official may face easy opposition or tough competition. The history student may land a job at an Ivy League university, or teach middle school math, if that is what€™s available.

The good news: options and versatility. Because these are usually more general fields of study, they offer a broader spectrum of opportunity. A four-year degree, in one of the humanities, qualifies the job seeker for much more than technical training or non-degree holders. You just might not apply that intellect in the way you had planned.

The disadvantage €“ additional schooling and training are usually needed if a specialty is desired. There are career paths that will require something other than a Liberal Arts degree, or may require the student to go on to complete a graduate degree in a specific area of study. Meanwhile, though, college degree in hand, Liberal Arts majors can begin a career with a solid foundation of skills and knowledge.

So what exactly does the future of humanities look like? Check out the following graph for potential growth in these fields.

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Salaries in General Studies

All Over the Map

Forbes lists John Grisham€™s recent income at $9 million. Freelance writers make€less.

As with a writing career, a job in other areas of humanities can see a large difference in paychecks. This will depend on education level, experience, and field. As for experience, some paths offer lower salaries at the start, but a few steps down the road can catch you up. A quick glance at the chart shows how the years can add to the pocketbook.

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Education Requirements for Careers in Humanitites

Get People Smart

What must you do to get in this club? For starters, go to college. Get a degree in an area focused on human studies: our literature, our history, our law, our art forms, and our language. Soak up as much knowledge on humanity as possible. Be ready to apply it in communications, in systems, in organizations €“ in your world.

Seems like a lot of possibilities. You€™re right. Let€™s break it down a bit. The following chart outlines exactly what you€™ll need if you have an idea of what you want to pursue.

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Colleges For General Studies Degrees

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