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Listed below are colleges and universities that offer online degrees or certificates in Social Services and a detailed list of offered programs. Tuition, financial aid, course offerings, online classes are available by request.

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Outlook for Psychology Careers

Beyond The Bachelor’€™s

Want the best opportunities and the most money? Stay in school. In the field of psychology, the outlook is greatest for those with doctorates, then masters, then bachelors. Few BA recipients actually end up working in a field related to psychology, although it is possible. It’€™s just that a greater range of jobs (and higher paying ones) are open to higher degree holders.

So Many Minds, So Little Time

For those with the right training, opportunities will continue to grow. Services in hospitals, schools, mental health centers, substance abuse clinics, and private companies are common and only becoming more so. As a society, we are very concerned with everyone’€™s mental health. This makes the future look well for those interested in psychology.

Take a look at the following Psychology careers and their predicted job growth through 2018

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Salaries in Psychology

Doctorates Cashing In

Quick stats test. Which will pay more bills, a $34,000 salary or a $65,000 salary? The first is what bachelor’s degree recipients typically see at career start, the second is for doctorates.

Understandably, the income range in this field is great, due to education level and the wide range of specialties available. Those who enter the field to help the economically challenged will be able to identify with the clients. These jobs, in social work or clinics, are most likely taken on for altruistic reasons, not to get rich. Start a private practice targeting the mental woes of lonely tycoons or unstable stars, however, and the bank statement will be different.

Whatever the specialty, the best way to see more zeroes is to bump up the degree level.

The Test of Time

The next best method is to get some experience under the belt. Increased client load and a proven track record will help beef up the salary over time. Check out the chart for a sampling of earnings growth potential.

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Education Requirements for Careers in Psychology

Gotta Go For the Gold

Vocational school or technical training will not cut it for this field. A Bachelor’s degree in psychology, social work, or counseling will be the minimum. To open the most doors, go the extra mile and get a master’s, or the extra two miles and obtain a Ph.D. or Psy.D. Yes, the school bills will probably be high. For help with this, see

License and Certification Please

Beyond the diploma, licensing is also an important aspect. A license is required for private practice. Social workers are commonly licensed. Specialty certification is also a possibility for those with a doctorate. The American Psychological Association tells us job prospects are best for those with a doctoral degree in an applied specialty. What is an applied specialty? They include: psychoanalysis, rehabilitation, forensics, school, and group.

If the doctorate level is simply not an option, all hope is not lost. Following are some of the opportunities available at each education level.

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Colleges For Psychology Degrees

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