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Science and Engineering Degree Overview

Listed below are colleges and universities that offer online degrees or certificates in Science and Engineering and a detailed list of offered programs. Tuition, financial aid, course offerings, online classes are available by request. For information about campus-based schools, click on the ‘On Campus Degrees’ link above.

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Outlook for Science and Engineering Careers

You Can€™t Escape It

There are always beans to count. Even if the economy is bad, we still need economists to tell us why. As society €œgoes green€ there is an ever increasing demand for specialists in this area. Math and Science seem to be a safe bet for career growth. Technological advances, medical discoveries and applications, resource management, and even entertainment see the influence of these two vital fields.

The trendiest arm of these studies is, of course, the Green branch. This area will see the most €œnew€ jobs created, meaning those which did not previously exist as career options. Concerns for safety and use of resources are creating a demand for workers to apply scientific and mathematical principles to better understand and protect people and places.

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Salaries in Science and Engineering

How Much Green Is In Green?

Over 100 grand per year. That is what Forbes is reporting for the top jobs in this new colorful industry. Renewable Energy Managers, Environmental Scientists, and Hydrologists are all seeing salaries in this range.

It would make sense that mathematicians would figure out a way to get paid whatever they want. This might be true for some. For others, pay is still respectable. Top paying accounting jobs can fall in the same bracket as the green jobs, at over $100,000.

The pay scale for this industry has quite a range. Due to the variety of opportunities, salaries are anywhere from modest to generous. As with most careers, additional education, certification, and training all increase the likelihood of entry and advancement opportunities. Where a person decides to put the principles of math and science to work also affects pay.

The following graph shows the salaries of the top U.S. cities for math and sciences.

math and science salaries in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Seattle

Education Requirements for Careers in Math and Sciences

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Colleges For Science and Engineering Degrees

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